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Conference Programme

The full conference programme is available as a PDF document .. here ..

Please note that the information given here is to the best of our knowledge accurate at the moment. However, subsequent developments in events may make small changes necessary later. Any changes that are made will be shown on the online documents below.

Conference Schedule

A draft Online schedule is available .. here ..

A draft In-person schedule is available .. here ..

General Track Papers appearing in the conference programme are listed .. here ..

Invited Sessions Papers appearing in the conference programme are listed .. here ..

The above documents are Google Docs sheets. You should not need a password to access them but if you are asked for one it may be that you are already logged on to Google Docs and need to log out. If you have problems accessing the documents let us know.

Please do not ask for changes in the presentation date of time of your paper. However, we may be able to accommodate such changes at the conference when we know which time slots become available due to non-attendance of some authors.

The timing and rooms may change as the schedule is still being finalised.

Conference Pre-proceedings

The papers to be presented at the conference, and also presentations where authors have uploaded them, can be viewed through the PROSE review system .. here ..

Conference Proceedings

The proceedings have been published online and are available to view open source in Science Direct .. here ..

Citation information is as follows:-
Elsevier Procedia Computer Science
Volume 225, Pages 1-4962 (2023)
27th International Conference on Knowledge Based and Intelligent Information and Engineering Sytems (KES 2023)
Edited by G. A. Tsihrintzis, C. Toro, S. A. Rios, R. J. Howlett and L. C. Jain


27th Annual
KES Conference
Athens, Greece
6-8 September 2023